Biggest Hi-Tech Companies in the World

Here is a list of the biggest high-tech companies in the world who made big impact on the development of other technologies and businesses through their business solution products and services.

1. Hewlett-Packard (HP)

HP is worth $118.4 billion this year leading all high-tech companies in the world. Its acquisition of Electronic Data Systems (EDS) in 2008 gave it additional advantage over its competitors. HP is reporting $15 billion rise in sales year after year. Last year, 2008, HP was on the same number one spot due to its aggressive innovation in computing, networking hardware, storage, software, other services.

2. International Business Machine (IBM)

IBM purchased SPSS, the leading business and scientific analytics provider, in 2009 helping it edge over its competitor. IBM is now worth $103.6 billion making it the second largest high-tech company in the world. In 2008, IBM acquired 15 other companies giving the company an edge to make $5 billion increase in sales year after year.

3. Microsoft

The leading household and business name when it comes to software is worth $58.4 billion making it third largest high-tech company in the world. Despite Microsoft’s bold business moves, however, the company reported $2 billion drop in revenue for the first time.

4. Intel

Intel is worth $37.6 billion this year after feeling the pinch of the biggest slump in the world’s demand for computers. The increased competition and supply mishaps aggravated Intel’s woes these past years that also lead to closures of several plants overseas.

5. Cisco Systems

The leading Internet protocol-based networking equipment manufacturer, Cisco Systems, is number five on the list with over $36.1 billion. This year, the company introduced its Unified Computing Systems, a hardware designed to simplify networking and computing over data centers.

6. Ingram Micro

Worth $34.4 billion, Ingram Micro is the biggest contributor of computer products to Walmart, Office Depot, and Staples. It expanded its operation in UK by buying Computacenter Distribution (CCD) in 2009.

7. Motorola

The biggest cell phone company in the U.S.A., Motorola is worth $30.1 billion this year. However, it suffered $6 billion decrease in revenue year on year due to competition from Apple, Nokia, Samsung, and RIM.

8. Oracle

Oracle is worth $23.3 billion this year making it eighth largest technology company in the world. The company is aggressively acquiring new assets and companies like Sun Microsystems to strengthen its position in 2009.

9. SAP

SAP is a big player in the ERP market; it is worth $16.3 billion this year. Its biggest acquisition so far is Business Objects, which leveraged the company’s dominance in the intelligence software market also.

10. Sun Microsystems

The tenth largest technology company in the world is Sun Microsystems, which is worth $11.4 billion this year. It merged with Oracle for $7.4 billion, which arrest the company from total collapse from the economic turmoil.

These are the top ten technology companies in the world in 2009. These companies are judged based on net worth and their contribution on bolstering the innovation of other technologies and businesses. These are not however the most quick-to-move companies. A lot of internet companies like yxymedia or yXXXy make decisions based on DAILY fluctuations. If you're looking for a lot of fun in a very quick-chaning world - consider the web!